World Refugee Day is June 20

War has forced millions of families to flee their homes

This is the most urgent story of our time

Julie’s Story, Central African Republic

“Now, having found a new home, I don’t have any feeling of revenge towards my aggressors. Revenge is like a vicious circle that inhibits peace.”

Jordi Matas, Photographer

The Johannesburg methodist church is not just any church. Yes, it has its routine mass, Sunday morning services and religious images, but above all it has become a shelter for refugees in Johannesburg.

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Tefik’s Story, Montenegro

“Having our own roof over our heads is my greatest hope for the future and a good basis for a prosperous family.”

As a child, my grandmother arrived from Belarus to Ellis Island with her sister and parents, around 1910.

Her sister though had red eye, conjunctivitis, which though not serious was highly contagious and on the list of diseases that excluded one from entering the U.S. (as did syphilis and TB).

 I was young and impressionable and her horror and sadness became etched into my memory.

I had just started working for Refugees International when I was sent out on mission to Bosnia. The war was raging and I was new to humanitarian work and stunned when I arrived by NATO helicopter into Sarajevo. A day later, the first reports were coming out of Srebrenica.

I'm no different to the people like me in Africa and I believe that they too can overcome their barriers and achieve their potentials if they are given the opportunity.

“Remarkably, the loss of a limb helped Dhuhulow, who came to Britain as a refugee, discover a talent for long-distance running”.

I was not afraid to die, everyone dies.  But at that time, I felt like I was not ready to die.

I was forced into labour and mistreated by the Burmese soldiers but I thought of a solution: I might die here if they continue treating me like this so I should run away. I was not afraid to die, everyone dies. But at that time, I felt like I was not ready to die. I need to take care after my parents and wife.

Moses’s Story, Ethiopia

Moses hopes that his children will have access to education and health services now that they are in Ethiopia and they will experience a better life without war…

Dak’s Story, Ethiopia

Dak from Sudan has been forced to flee his country twice; yet he remains patriotic and once the conflict subsides he intends to return…

Rima’s Story, Cyprus

Rima cannot recall happy moments from her earlier childhood in Syria, but she has found comfort in her school in Cyprus.

Alex Kühni, Photojournalist

Photojournalist Alex Kühni met two Syrian refugees in Lebanon and was impressed by their unwavering hope that they would find a better life someday.

Odette Nyirandayambaje’s Story, Rwanda

Odette is adored by her students at the refugee camp, she brings excitement and enthusiasm to the classroom and is very proud to call herself a teacher.

Fadala’s Story, Algeria

Fadala’s dream is to work as a journalist, to be able to convey the difficult life conditions her people are going through…

 I am proud to live in a free country, and strive to welcome people from any background, to allow them the freedoms and self-actualisation we allow ourselves to have.

“In North Korea, I lived for Kim Jong Il. In England I live for myself”. This is a statement made by a student I was teaching English to, whilst training and developing myself as an English teacher.

Naima Abdullahi’s Story, USA

Naima’s uncle was murdered in Ethiopia, her parents fled to Kenya as political refugees…

Kat Graham tells Ibrahim's story

Kat Graham tells Ibrahim's story

  Length: 3:11 Views: 788

Placide’s Story, Central African Republic

Placide looks forward to returning home and continuing his studies, he is excited about the new chapter in his life…

Neil Gaiman meets Ayman

Neil Gaiman meets Ayman

  Length: 0:36 Views: 184

Alixandra Fazzina, Photojournalist

“With no place to go, the millions urban refugees from Pakistan’s tribal belt are the forgotten victims of an unseen war.”

Zawadi Masanga’s Story, Tanzania

Zawadi Masanga hopes that her brother will read this story so they can be reunited again.

Marina Lewycka’s Story, United Kingdom

British novelist Marina Lewycka was born in a refugee camp in Kiel, Germany after World War II…

Asia’s story, Slovakia

Asia was a successful TV producer in Afghanistan. She had to flee with five children.

Assafa’s Story, Burkina Faso

Helene Caux was touched by Assafa, a 6 years old refugee, who did not seem worried at all, unaffected by the sandy wind blowing around her…

Neil Gaiman’s experience with Syrian refugees

Best selling author and UNHCR High Profile Supporter, Neil Gaiman recently returned from Jordan seeing UNHCR’s frontline work for Syrian refugees…

Neil Gaiman tells Ayman’s Story

Best selling author and UNHCR High Profile Supporter, Neil Gaiman, spent time with the amazing Ayman in Zaa’tari camp in Jordan.

Hassen’s Story, Ethiopia

Ibrahim has never been and will never be as happy as that moment, when he took his son Hassen in his arms again.”

Jeanine Nyagufi’s Story, Burundi

Jeanine has finally returned to her homeland after 20 years and her only hope is that her children will finally be able to attend school.

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