World Refugee Day is June 20

War has forced millions of families to flee their homes

This is the most urgent story of our time

Georgina’s Story, Colombia

78-year-old Georgina was only six years old when she witnessed her brother’s death…

Alex Kühni, Photojournalist

Photojournalist Alex Kühni met two Syrian refugees in Lebanon and was impressed by their unwavering hope that they would find a better life someday.

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Andrew McConnell, Photojournalist

Photojournalist Andrew McConnell meets Lanier Lovely, a young woman who was displaced by the earthquake in Haiti…

Moussa’s Story, Central African Republic

Moussa, a cinema janitor, recounts tales of better times when everyone mixed and interacted with one another, unified by their similar movie tastes.

Barbara Hendricks tells Jennie Tourel’s Story

Barbara Hendricks, classical singer and UNHCR Honorary Lifetime Goodwill Ambassador, shares the story of her mentor, Jennie Tourel.

Tibo Rogers, Australia for UNHCR Frontliner and former refugee

Tibo Rogers, Australia for UNHCR Frontliner and former refugee shares his courageous and inspiring story.

Anthony’s Story, Uganda

Anthony encourages other refugees that it is possible to achieve their dreams and live a prosperous life even though they are refugees.

Hussein’s Story, Ethiopia

This is a story of family sticking together through the many hardships encountered and trying to create possibilities for a better life and have a positive impact on society…

Abdirahman’s Story, Ethiopia

Abdirahman was born physically disabled, but this has never stopped him from trying to fulfill his dreams of one day becoming an inspiring minister.

Carolina’s and Saluka’s Story, Brazil

“Today we feel good here. Brazil will be our new home.” Even though Carolina misses her parents, sisters and nephews, who are still in Syria, she remains optimist about the future.

Lynsey Addario, Photographer

After almost a year of covering Syrian refugees in Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, and at camps for the internally displaced in Syria, I finally witness a scene of joy.

Kat Graham meets Um Murad

Kat Graham visits Um Murad’s wedding dress shop and beauty salon in Zaatari, Jordan…

Jeanine Nyagufi’s Story, Burundi

Jeanine has finally returned to her homeland after 20 years and her only hope is that her children will finally be able to attend school.

James Koroma Australia for UNHCR Frontliner and former refugee

James Prince Koroma is a former refugee from Sierra Leone in West Africa. After being resettled to Australia, James has wanted to give back – so now works with Australia for UNHCR to raise much needed funding to support refugees.

I was not afraid to die, everyone dies.  But at that time, I felt like I was not ready to die.

I was forced into labour and mistreated by the Burmese soldiers but I thought of a solution: I might die here if they continue treating me like this so I should run away. I was not afraid to die, everyone dies. But at that time, I felt like I was not ready to die. I need to take care after my parents and wife.

I learned that sometimes it is not what one is being served in life, but what one takes from it.” 

This is a story of Silvana Franca, who journeyed for 40 days with two small children, from Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina, to reach the safety of Berlin. Today she lives in Montenegro with her family…



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A. A. Gill hears women’s stories in the Congo

AA Gill travels to the most dangerous country in the world to be a woman. Hear their stories.

I Ne Meh’s Story, Thailand

I Ne Meh, refugee from Myanmar, is now a Child Protection Monitor helping to protect at risk Karen children in Thailand…

Kat Graham meets Abu Tamarak

American actress Kat Graham meets Abu’s family. His family still manages to smile and laugh despite the sadness…

Jean-Pierre’s Story, Central African Republic

Jean-Pierre longs for the day where he can return to his home and feel safe and secure once again. He wants to rebuild his life…

Philippe’s Story, Central African Republic

“It’s been ten years now that I have been living here and it’s been ten years that haven’t heard from my beloved ones.”

Yasser’s Story, Bulgaria

Yasser fled Damascus after bombs killed 400 people one night in his neighbourhood. In Harmanli camp he and his friends started a daytime school for children.

Sîlan Diljen, From Turkey to Sweden

…two experienced smugglers are waiting for us. They say that we have to wait out the moonlight – it has to get darker before we can go towards the border…

Hodan’s Story, Ethiopia

Despite losing her sight, Hodan is a confident woman with a strong determination to bring justice to the people who like her have been so badly affected by the war…

Mwavita’s Story, Tanzania

“I would love to return to Congo one day to reclaim my house and find the bodies of my children and their father when the war is over.”

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