For a long time I had a dream of visiting western countries, the dream to go further to cover graduation from respective university in the west?

My dreams get bigger when I discovered that all my colleagues in the primary school had same dreams. I started study hard believing that will happen one day and that all depending on my high school grade or so. After high school exams, and after a while, I discovered that those dreams were vanished and military services enrollment steps should be taken for all high school graduation students without any exception unless my parent serves under high rank people. My parents live in a medium society and they follow the rule item by item. When the military services guard call me to enroll, my parent advises me to response as the rest of people do, they have nothing to do in their hands. That time I felt unfair opportunity and hence, life is not fare as well. Where were my dreams? The country not allows anyone to travel abroad, series of forbidden instruction block my life as it move forward. I decide that something should be change for my dreams to come true but no idea what, how and when should be happened.

After eight year war and 12 years of United Nations suctions, I see the future but nothing clear ahead. All people getting poor, starving, feeling unhappy that shocks me and alerts me for what my future would be. United States army could do that change, but, wait a minute; “US army was 60 miles from my capital city and withdraws suddenly” I said. The changes I am looking for is gone with US army as well and hence my hope, freedom and bright life. In 2003, another war my country involve on with United States in 2003. But this time it means nothing to me. My previous experience back in 1990 shows they will withdraw as before, the hope gets less and less. My family just wants to save our lives from this war until it breaks down. Politics is politics, why would be a change this time. After preparing myself to stay safe and the shocking news comes to me that this time is different, the change is coming, something in myself start moving around telling me your dreams could be come true. I started to listen to the news , ask neighbors, walk in the street to see if government militias still on the roads. “Oooops, no one” I said, all fled away, nothing but US army in the streets. Time for change is happened, my dreams begin to formulate to be ready for the new change. Here I am in the US now, working with 3rd best engineering company in the world, having two more engineering degree from the US. Dreams could be grow more to adapt my new life now.

By: Haider AL MAMOURY, PE . (Ph.D., M.Sc., M.E(Mech), MBA, B.Sc.)


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