World Refugee Day is June 20

War has forced millions of families to flee their homes

This is the most urgent story of our time

Bushra’s Story, Yemen

Life as a refugee was already tough for Bushra – but an accident when she was still an infant has meant that she is handicapped. But nothing seems to stop Bushra…

Aliaa Hamed, Journalist

“Before I left El Bekaa, I hugged Rawaa tightly and even thought of taking her with me so I could protect her from the unknown that she will be facing.”

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Rima’s Story, Sweden

Rima was injured in Syria and had to undergo three surgeries at the age of 6, but her recovery has begun due to her resilient spirit.

Aliyah’s Story, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Aliyah appeals to the UNHCR to ensure that all the children in the world receive the help they deserve.

Daniel Salgar, Journalist

A key hangs above a Palestinian refugee camp signifying hope that one day these refugees will be able to return home…

Khaled Hosseini tells Amina’s Story

Amina’s son had a turbulent beginning in life, the family hopes that his story will continue peacefully…

Bahati’s ‘Ronaldo Deckey’ Story, Uganda

“I am still looking for a place where I will totally feel safe and it will help to forget.”

Bang’s Story, Ethiopia

Bang, aged 30, has three wishes: he hopes to find his family so he can return with them to Sudan and then continue his education.

Dak’s Story, Ethiopia

Dak from Sudan has been forced to flee his country twice; yet he remains patriotic and once the conflict subsides he intends to return…

James’ Story, Egypt

James Abdalla was a 25-year-old student when clashes broke out in the Nuba Mountains in Sudan and he was forced to escape…

"I did not even notice the bombs falling around me. I could do nothing about the bombs, but I could save my family, my children.”

This is a gripping testimony of a family from Croatia who were only saved by the selfless act of a complete stranger…

"I lost everything I had over there - home, parents, everything. There is nothing to go back to…"

Jean dreams of seeing her children attend and finish school successfully and become important members of the Ghanaian society.

David Morrissey visits Za’atari Refugee Camp, Jordan

Actor and UNHCR High Profile Supporter David Morrissey travelled to Jordan to see UNHCR’s frontline work for Syrian refugees.

AA Gill: Welcome to Death Island

They came in search of the Promised Land. Hundreds perished off these rocks. AA Gill on the tragedy of the Africans who set sail for Europe.

Life has been difficult for me, but my experiences have made me stronger. Being young and a woman, it isn’t easy to find your place in a new community.

But I’ve learned to be proud to be Eritrean. Until you are aware of it, you don’t realize how important it is to belong to something

"The light at the end of the tunnel is what Guelor chooses to see."

Guelor is determined to find his brother, the only family he has left. He won’t give up until he is reunited with him and they can rebuild their lives together.

For a long time I had a dream of visiting western countries, the dream to go further to cover graduation from respective university in the west?

For a long time I had a dream of visiting western countries, the dream to go further to cover graduation from respective university in the west? My dreams get bigger when I discovered that all my colleagues in the primary school had same dreams. I started study hard believing that will happen one day and [...]

Mwavita’s Story, Tanzania

“I would love to return to Congo one day to reclaim my house and find the bodies of my children and their father when the war is over.”

Jean-Claude Ali Syhlas’ Story, Central African Republic

“Return is the only thing that the IDPs wish for. But the main condition to achieve return is disarmament, so that everyone can sleep quietly at night.”

Nyagua’s Story, Ethiopia

Nyagua family’s testimony of uncommon courage and perseverance despite all the difficulties reveals the importance of sticking together as a family.

What I found most striking was that even in the most difficult of circumstances it is possible to find glimmers of hope...

I had already spent a few days visiting the refugee camps in and around Sofia, hearing the stories of Syrian refugees when I was approached by a young man who introduced himself as “Mohammed”.

Mohamed wants to be a teacher, Bulgaria

The crisis in Syria prevented Mohamed from following his dreams. However he did not lose hope and focuses on starting a new life.

Wassim’s Story, Egypt

“I miss the sense of being home. Nothing can compensate the feeling of being in your own country.”

"I was born in a refugee camp and I grew up there half of my life."

I was born in a refugee camp and I grew up there half of my life. I am 23 years old and lived in a refugee camp for 19 years. UNHCR helped me, and my family thought that life was really hard. Even having anything to drink or eat…

Pope Francis on World Refugee Day

“Millions of refugee families from different nations and of every religious faith live through dramatic stories and carry deep wounds that will be hard to heal.”

Ados’ Story, Cyprus

Ados fled his homeland, Egypt and sought refuge in Cyprus where he is now working hard to contribute to society and add value to the country that accepted him…

"We were a respected family that had built a good life in Sarajevo. We had a house and an apartment in Sarajevo. But war is indiscriminate and we lost it all."

Radonja went from being a governmental official to cigarette seller in a matter of days; yet she perseveres and is determined to rebuild her shattered life…

Mohamed’s Story, Romania

Mohamed, a 40-year-old Syrian refugee fled his home town Aleppo early 2013. He works hard to rebuild his life from scratch in Constanza and can’t wait to see his family.

Mohad’s Story, Poland

Mohad, a fisherman from Somalia had to wait for years before he could finally hug his family again in Poland.

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