Abulony’s Story, Kenya


I am ABULONY OJULU OKELLO, Ethiopian by nationality and Anuak by tribe, born in 1984 Gambella, Ethiopia. I came to Kenya in 2004 due to fighting in Gambella in December 2003. The incident took place when I was at the Gambella teachers training college. It forced me to flee my beautiful country.

I was registered by UNHCR Kenya and settled in Dadaab refugee camps, July 2004. January 2005, I was given the opportunity to enroll for high school studies. I joined at form three [Kenya’s third year in high school] and completed high school the following year. Right now, I am doing college studies in Community Nutrition. I have great ambitions for my future. I hope to gather knowledge and skills that will help me sensitize refugee communities on best nutrition practices – though it’s difficult.

Before fleeing my country in 2003, I was a diploma student at Gambella teachers training college. Then I came to Kenya running for my life. Eleven years on, I still hold on to my dream of holding a diploma. That is a huge loss for me as well as for my community in general. Despite all this I am still strong and I hold onto my dream. I am sure I will attain that goal one day.

by Abulony Ojulu Okello, Kenya
posted: Saturday, 16th August, 2014

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