Adam’s Story, Ghana

Photo credit:  P. Folley/ 2014

Photo by P. Folley/2014.

Adam Tagoua is a 26-year-old second year University student from Cote d’Ivoire who fled with his family in the heat of the Ivorian crisis in 2011. He was studying Geology, Mines and Petroleum and was hoping to further his studies abroad and become a professional in the oil industry. But war in his country has left him in a refugee camp in Ghana trying to start a new life:

There were gunshots everywhere. Then people with guns came to our house. It became scary. Home wasn’t safe anymore. You couldn’t go out on the streets and hang out with friends or do business. Life had become dangerous and so I took a decision to flee and ended up in Ghana. For some of us, we are happy having to put up in tents in refugee camps compared to the troubles going on in our country. It’s safer. All I was just looking for was a new and peaceful place to plan a new life.

After my arrival in Ghana, I first had the opportunity to work as a waiter in a Ghanaian restaurant. I later registered for skills training in the camp with UNHCR Implementing Partner, AGREDS and trained as an electrician in the camp after which I started my own small business in the camp. Currently I am running a video center which shows movies and football matches. It doubles also as an internet café. The center is very lively in the evenings as most of the youth take the opportunity for some recreation activities which helps take their mind off their troubles.  I am happy being a role model for the youth and have been urging other youth in the camp to do something for themselves. Before coming here, I didn’t have all these business skills; but now I see opportunities everywhere. We lost many things including our home but I haven’t lost my dream to go back to school to be what I want to be.

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