Adelin Petrisor, Photojournalist


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Her name is Ibo. She is a little Somali girl who was only seven months old when I met her, back in March 2011, while I was a correspondent for the Romanian national TV, covering the Arab Spring. I took a picture of her at a border-crossing point on the Tunisian-Libyan border. She had just arrived to Tunisia with her parents who used to work not far from Tripoli and were now fleeing the war. I took the picture at the very moment of their registration for the UNHCR camp in Shusha. The place was full of white tents and was populated by tens of thousands of desperate people fleeing the conflict. I was wondering what kind of a life such a small baby can expect in a refugee camp like this. And then I tried to convince myself that this is better than a life in war-torn Libya. I also thought Ibo was the youngest refugee in the area. But then after a few days, I met Marc, a four-month Somali baby…


Adelin Petrisor is a renowned Romanian war correspondent. He covered stories from Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon, Israel, Algeria and Albania.


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