Asia’s story, Slovakia

Photo by Gabriela Dunajčíková, UNHCR Slovakia

Photo by Gabriela Dunajčíková, UNHCR Slovakia

“Beautiful woman with a beautiful heart”, this is how her friends describe her. Asia’s story shows how difficult and dangerous it could be to be a successful woman in Afghanistan.

“My family and I worked and lived for TV and we loved this kind of life. All my six children were featured in my programs. I was a producer of several different programs for women, children and men. Mostly I prepared programs from Germany and France.
The problems started when my programs became more popular than the official ones of the national TV where I worked too. The situation got complicated and started to be dangerous. The issue was complex: I was an independent, well-known woman, cooperating with foreign countries. And I was the only one from my family who survived the civil war, so my background was not very good in the political situation we lived in.

When I lost my husband I finally decided to flee. I had to protect my children. We had to flee very quickly and due to the circumstances, we had to be separated. I was with two of my kids when I first arrived in Slovakia. And then came the 20 worst days of my life. I was waiting for my other three children without any information on their situation. Those 20 days felt like 20 years. My oldest daughter stayed in Afghanistan, got married to a foreigner and they moved to Canada.

Now I live in the present and I do not have any big plans for the future. My first idea was to send the kids to school. With the help of an NGO, called Marginal it finally happened. My oldest son is waiting now to be accepted at a university here in Slovakia, which would be a big step forward for us. Recently I spent some time in hospital and I hope I will be healthy and there will not be any complications.”

Text: Gabriela Dunajčíková, UNHCR Slovakia


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