Bawi Lian Lian’s Story, Myanmar

We want to live equally in society and also, do good things for the country.

In Chin state, we live in a very conflict-ridden area, we are oppressed and we have no opportunities to do a lot of things.

I wrote a small article about morals and ethics. It was an article on how you would do good for others around you. I was writing for the youth on how to be good people. But soon after that, the Burmese soldiers arrested me in 2010 and I was sent to the Burmese military camps.

I ran away in February 2010. I knew that if I didn’t run, I would be killed. After I ran, the soldiers harassed my family and asked them for my whereabouts. My family also ran away soon after that. I am not angry, but I am just so sad. We deserve human rights. We want to live equally in society and also, do good things for the country. These are our aims. But the soldiers will not allow us to do that.

I like Malaysia, it is developing so we can get any job anywhere – in restaurant, in construction – anywhere! We can do what we want to do. We can do good things here. Malaysian people don’t mingle much with us but I do have Malaysian friends. Malaysians are good to us, they know we are refugees. They know what a refugee is, they know we don’t have much hope. In Malaysia, we have difficulty but we have some hope in the future, even though we are refugees.

I plan and hope to resettle in another country, like the USA or Australia. If you have a good character, good in education, in your job, we can also try and apply for citizenship after that. With this, I have hope for the future. Being in this kind of condition, I must have hope. If not, my life will collapse. I try my best to be happy and to become a better human being.

1 family torn apart by war is too many

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