No child should be afraid

From the refugee camps in South Sudan, where around 150.000 people are right now trying to make a new life.

I was there telling stories from the camp, while I was working for one of the world’s biggest NGO. Every day we gathered some of the children walking around not knowing, what to do. We knew, that many of these children carried on some horrifing stories, but didn’t know how to share them. So we asked the children to draw, what they were most afraid of. Without exception they all drew bombing aircrafts. It was because of them that they were refugees and they were afraid that the planes would return. Some of the children even dug foxholes, so they could hide there, just in case the planes came again. Of all the terrible stories in the refugee camp, it is especially the children’s story, I remember. No child should have to dig a foxhole to protect itself and the family.

by Christina, South Sudan
posted: Friday, 20th June, 2014

1 family torn apart by war is too many

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