World Humanitarian Day is August 19th

War has forced millions of families to flee their homes

This is the most urgent story of our time

Julie’s Story, Central African Republic

“Now, having found a new home, I don’t have any feeling of revenge towards my aggressors. Revenge is like a vicious circle that inhibits peace.”

Journalist Sophie McNeil tells Samar’s story

ABC’s Foreign Correspondent Sophie McNeil met this inspirational mother and teacher, who refuses to be defeated.

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Obadiah Alimasi’s Story, Tanzania

“I pray that no matter how long it takes, I will be able to see the Congo one day.”

Willy Totoro’s Story, Cyprus

Willy Totoro, a refugee from DRC, recalls the time he had to say goodbye to his beloved ones and flee to Cyprus…

Carol’s Story, Central African Republic

Carol believes the only way sustainable peace can be reached is if all parties involved admit their wrong-doings and reconcile their differences.

Gayane Mkrtchyan, Journalist

‘’I have raised my children with Armenian traditions and values, and I want them to continue to live on those values in harmony and peace.”

Dorothy’s Story, Burundi

Dorothy fled the Democratic Republic of Congo after one of her son was murdered and her other son fled to Malawi; They will soon be reunited…

Lynsey Addario, Photographer

After almost a year of covering Syrian refugees in Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, and at camps for the internally displaced in Syria, I finally witness a scene of joy.

Judith, in Tajikistan

I am thankful to all refugees whom I had the opportunity to meet for their engagement, kindness and strong will.

Living a refugee life is hard. It’s dark with no future, no hope, no dreams and no destiny. But I thank God that he had a plan for me.

He gives me strength to face my daily struggle. And thankfully he brought me here in the land of opportunity to explore the world. I am renewed again.

Suzan’s Story, Iraq

Susan, a Syrian refugee, is a Community Hygiene Promoter in the camp in Iraq. She met her fiance through her job and today they are getting married.

We have all the freedom to go and do whatever we want, yet they have none

The experiences interacting with them have definitely made me think of ‘what if I’m in their shoes?’ I don’t know if I’m able to survive much less carry on each day in a country that isn’t my own, but that country that is my own has instilled the fear in me that I would not want to return.

Anahid’s Story, Romania

“When we found a letter signed in blood, in front of the house, giving us 48 hours to leave our home, my husband had a seizure which left him partially paralysed.”

AA Gill: Welcome to Death Island

They came in search of the Promised Land. Hundreds perished off these rocks. AA Gill on the tragedy of the Africans who set sail for Europe.

Steven: Stateless in Britain

“Being stateless is like being an alien. Anywhere you place me… everyone will still say, ‘You are not from here’.

Ristic Trajanka’s Story, Monenegro

This is a story of a 46-year-old single mother, Ristic Trajanka, who against all odds, defeated cancer and helped secure a life of dignity for her family.

Marina Lewycka’s Story, United Kingdom

British novelist Marina Lewycka was born in a refugee camp in Kiel, Germany after World War II…

My story. Ange Niyonkuru.

When conflict broke out in eastern Congo my entire family was forced to flee. My grandparent and I fled into neighboring Burundi…

Mohad’s Story, Poland

Mohad, a fisherman from Somalia had to wait for years before he could finally hug his family again in Poland.

Sahara’s story, Slovakia

Sahara had to flee Somalia and later was offered resettlement. She told us her story with incredible easiness.

Steven’s Story, United States

In 2008, my family and I ran away from my country because of religious issues. From there, l started the kind of life that I have right now.

Sophia and Saadiya’s Story, Tanzania

Two sisters now find themselves in the safety and comfort of Tanzania, they value the freedom to dream and the opportunity to chase after their ambitious goals.

Esmeralda’s Story, Venezuela

Esmeralda is working with no formal pay in Venezuela, because of her illegal status in the country, but her co-workers decided to pool a small amount of money at the end of the month so that she can get a small salary.

Csaba Lukács, Journalist

Soon-Sil Lee fled from North Korea after having served in the army of Kim Jong-Il. She went through indescribable horror.

Muhammad’s Story, Poland

Muhammad fled Afghanistan twice because of his religion. Now he started a new life in Poland and wants to be an economist.

We want to live equally in society and also, do good things for the country.

I ran away in February 2010. I knew that if I didn’t run, I would be killed. After I ran, the soldiers harassed my family and asked them for my whereabouts. My family also ran away soon after that. I am not angry, but I am just so sad. We deserve human rights.

Hussam’s Story, Ukraine

Hussam, an established architect in his native Syria, is now the proud owner of a restaurant in Ukraine. With his go-getter attitude, there is nothing that he cannot achieve!

Peter’s Story, Kenya

“Every step of my journey was made possible by people’s humanity. If it wasn’t for their kindness, I would have lost my mind. “

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