Jacenta James, Volunteer


“I recently started working with refugees. My first experience was an afternoon outing with the refugee children from the Myanmar Learning Centre, where we had a lunch and movie with the refugee children. We interacted with the refugee children and talked about our ideas and future dreams/ambitions.

I can only imagine what the refugee children are feeling or are going through. Leaving their country for good is one of the hardest decisions anyone can be forced to make. It means leaving everything that you know – your family, your livelihood, your friends, all the familiar sights, sounds, smells and taste, with the hope that they will/can have a better life in a completely new country.

However, despite all of these, I’ve observed and learnt that at such a young and tender age, for the refugee children, just like any other child their age, the sky is their limit for the things that they wish to do and achieve in their future. Just because you are a refugee doesn’t necessarily mean that you don’t deserve the best – in terms of education, living, lifestyle, etc.

I will never forget their laughter, joy and smiles. I was amazed and surprised that all of the refugee children were well behaved, especially the younger ones. They were all very independent and enjoyed the movie very much. I turned around in the cinema a few times to check on the refugee children and they were all completely engrossed in the movie, to the point that some of them were also dancing to the tunes during the movie.”


Name: Jacenta James

Nationality: Malaysian



1 family torn apart by war is too many

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