War has forced millions of families to flee their homes

This is the most urgent story of our time

Olivier Pain, Photographer

“Despite her horrific story, there is no trace of hatred in her eyes.” Olivier met Aisha while visiting a refugee camp in Burkina Faso…

Zanyar Adami, Journalist & Movie Director

I was born during the war between Iran and Iraq in a remote small Kurdish village. My mother was a guerrilla soldier and had to give birth to me in secret…

Shawn Baldwin, Photojournalist

Photojournalist Shawn Baldwin met Syrian refugee and UNHCR volunteer Loula Al Hamoud in Chekka, Lebanon…

Misha Hussain, Journalist

West and Central Africa Correspondent for the Thomson Reuters Foundation tells how the sound of a girl’s choir carries hope…

Jordi Matas, Photographer

Photographer Jordi Matas visited refugee camps in Jordan and was moved by the humanity, still intact, of those affected by the war…

Sebastian Rich, Photographer

Photographer Sebastian Rich reflects on his craft after being moved by a little girl’s innocence…

A. A. Gill hears women’s stories in the Congo

AA Gill travels to the most dangerous country in the world to be a woman. Hear their stories.

Marina Watson Pelaez, Journalist

Marina met Tayiba in Bangkok. They couldn’t communicate, but Tayiba’s warm smile made Marina understand her story…

Sebastian Rich, Photographer

Photographer Sebastian Rich reflects on his craft, and is glad to realize there are good people that do succeed in bringing happiness and a safe haven to refugees…

Salam (Hello) Neighbor Film

In an effort to better understand the complex realities of refugee life, we recently spent one month living alongside displaced families in the Za’atari refugee camp.

Aliaa Hamed, Journalist

“Before I left El Bekaa, I hugged Rawaa tightly and even thought of taking her with me so I could protect her from the unknown that she will be facing.”

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Jason Tanner, Photographer

Maria’s harrowing testimony, and circumstances of the interview reminded me of the duty of care, the responsibility and obligation we have as photographers.

Frédéric Noy, Photographer

“This picture is not about failure but represents the will to live,” says Frédéric, who met this child in Cameroon.

Although the stories were still overwhelmingly of sufferings and exploitations, it was also about young men and women taking charge and coping with adversities.

There were stories of strength and resilience, but it was a story of fragility and vulnerability that was the most touching in its bare honesty.

Adelin Petrisor, Photojournalist

Photojournalist Adelin Petrisor met Ibo, a Somali refugee girl, in Tunisia when she was only seven months old…

Kalpesh Lathigra, Photographer

Photographer Kalpesh Lathigra visited Zaatari Refugee Camp in Jordan. He has witnessed the simple care, love and attention…

Phil Behan, Photographer

In Myanmar’s Rakhine State, photographer Phil Behan was struck by Rasoul’s age…

Achilleas Zavallis, Photographer

Cyprian photographer Achilleas Zavallis met Syrian Abo Akram and his family after their house was destroyed; they are supported just by the kindness of people…

Andrew McConnell, Photojournalist

Andrew met Saada, a 102 years old woman, in Syria. She was reluctant to leave at first even when the bombing started in her home region…

Considering what I’ve witnessed during the violence in June 2012, it’s a bonus that I’ve returned with my family unhurt."

Rahman Masud describes his inspiration, Nurul, who is so happy and content with the little he has.

Assafa’s Story, Burkina Faso

Helene Caux was touched by Assafa, a 6 years old refugee, who did not seem worried at all, unaffected by the sandy wind blowing around her…

Saiful huq Omi, Photojournalist

“A photographer can photograph sorrow but it will never be his own.”

Sara Khojoyan, Journalist

Sara Khojoyan tells the positive tale of Ani who believes life is about fighting for a better future and allowing your children to dream.

Mark Pearson, Photojournalist

Professional photojournalist Mark Pearson tells the story of a mother and her family, woken up by the firing in Gaza…

Alex Kühni, Photojournalist

Photojournalist Alex Kühni met two Syrian refugees in Lebanon and was impressed by their unwavering hope that they would find a better life someday.

Jiro Ose, Photojournalist

In Dolo Ado, photojournalist Jiro Ose visited young boy Issack two years after their first encounter…

Minara’s Story, Myanmar

Journalist Kristy Siegfried tells how Minara paid for their dangerous passage with her wedding ring…

Jowan’s Story, Greece

I was working as a journalist in Syria. In 2004, although it was very successful, we were forced to go underground due to censorship…

David’s Story, Central African Republic

“It is weird how one can pass from covering the turmoil in his country to being a victim of the violence.”

Landry’s Story, Uganda

Journalist Penny Pryor recounts the inspiring story of 22 year old Landry Mugisha, hip-hop dancer and former refugee, now resettled in the USA.

Jordi Matas, Photographer

The Johannesburg methodist church is not just any church. Yes, it has its routine mass, Sunday morning services and religious images, but above all it has become a shelter for refugees in Johannesburg.

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