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War has forced millions of families to flee their homes

This is the most urgent story of our time

Olivier Pain, Photographer

“Despite her horrific story, there is no trace of hatred in her eyes.” Olivier met Aisha while visiting a refugee camp in Burkina Faso…

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AA Gill: Long day’s journey into night

‘As I watch, figures appear out of the darkness, bent double under sacks… moving past us like heavy ghosts”. AA Gill goes among the Syrian refugees in Jordan’s Zaatari Camp.

Andrew McConnell, Photojournalist

Andrew met Saada, a 102 years old woman, in Syria. She was reluctant to leave at first even when the bombing started in her home region…

Sameera’s story, Slovakia

Sameera, an Afghan refugee studies medicine in Slovakia, which she calls her second home. She wants to be a perfect doctor…

Khaled Hosseini tells Amina’s Story

Amina’s son had a turbulent beginning in life, the family hopes that his story will continue peacefully…

Being resettled himself meant Abdi could help others. “One lady refused to enter her house,” he says. “I spoke to [her] over the phone – she said ‘I can hear you’re speaking in the Somali language but are you really a Somali person?’"

“I said, ‘calm down, I’m from Dadaab like you, this is how life here starts’. I went to reassure her [and] she began crying, saying she didn’t think she would see someone there like her.”

Bathoul’s Story, Lebanon

As a sister to two younger brothers I could almost hear my heart break. I couldn’t imagine my little brother going through life without dreams…

Marina Watson Pelaez, Journalist

Marina met Tayiba in Bangkok. They couldn’t communicate, but Tayiba’s warm smile made Marina understand her story…

Margarita’s Story, Colombia

Margarita tells the story of professor Nelson Pajaro, who was displaced himself but implemented a project that gave training to children…

1 family torn apart by war is too many

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