Khaled Hosseini’s reflection on refugee children

Photo by UNHCR/B. Sokol/2014.

Photo by UNHCR/B. Sokol/2014.

Afghan-born American author and UNHCR Ambassador Khaled Hosseini visits a Syrian refugee camp in Kurdish Iraq and is moved by refugee children and the experience they have to go through.

“TS Eliot once said that humankind cannot bear very much reality.  But this is one reality we all must bear, one that we cannot let vanish in a fog of apathy.  

I am a father of two children.  I cannot imagine what it would do to them, to see such grisly things.  Yet that is happening every day in Syria. A whole generation of children, witness to the unfolding catastrophe, unable to attend school, their lives shaped by violence, grief, and displacement.”

(quote from New York Times, April 11th 2014)


1 family torn apart by war is too many

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