Kwa Kyi’s Story, Thailand

Kwa Kyi

Photo by UNHCR/T. Pirottawonwattana/2014.

Kwa Kyi (aged 51) became a landmine victim in 1986. Since then he has dedicated himself to helping those who face the same fate. Today, Kwa Kyi is a workshop supervisor providing assistive devices and technology to people with disabilities in Mae Ra Ma Luang Refugee Camp (MRML), Thailand.

“I was a volunteer helping at a prosthesis workshop and clinic ran by Handicap International (HI) at Thailand’s border, laid opposite the Karen National Union (KNU) headquarter in Manerplaw since 1986. In 1995, during the siege of Manerplaw, my family fled from fighting and took refuge in MRML. In 1998, I became a HI camp-based staff and have continued the work to date. I have been happy and proud of my role.” 

“Talking about my family’s future, deeply, I would like to return home. However, the current situation at home is not yet good. Peace cannot be yet guaranteed. If it is truly peaceful, we long to be home.”


Kwa Kyi’s daughter. Photo by UNHCR/T. Pirottawonwattana/2014.



One of Kwa Kyi’s daughters, Susanne Kyi, 12, is a child with cerebral palsy. She has received physiotherapy and rehabilitation services from HI since she was young. Today she can move freely and independently. In the picture, Susanne Kyi was practicing her walk. The wooden bars help her to walk with straight back and legs. She also used a special designed shoes provided by HI to allow correct feet formation while walking.


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