Message from the man they are calling ‘SUPER HUMAN REFUGEE’ in Germany

Tameru Zegeye traveled hundreds of miles from his home country in Ethiopia to now be undergoing the asylum process in Germany in Europe. He has gone through much adversity all of his life, yet has the strongest human spirit and the most unique physical abilities.

He has fondly been referred to as ‘The Miracle Man’ when living in Addis Ababa in Ethiopia due to his incredible life experience, and since his appearance on national German TV recently he is also being called ‘The Super-Human Refugee’

He recorded this very brief video message on his own basic smart phone for INTERNATIONAL REFUGEE DAY on 20th June 2014. He himself has been required to move away from his place of birth to learn a new language, new culture and also make a new location his long term home and he feels a strong affinity for the thousands of others all going through a similar exodus for all sorts of different reasons, often out of their control.

Whilst going through the processes of asylum in a new country, many individuals and groups can also be often left waiting for a considerable amount of time before they can be granted official residency or status and for many this process can bring understandable frustrations, lapses in strength and feelings of instability on many levels.

Tameru is one of the lucky ones and he acknowledges this… like so many he is safe and has access to the kind of basic requirements many of us often take for granted such as food, shelter, security.

Tameru however also keeps his mind and body focussed and strong with fitness and strength training every morning and sometimes also evenings. He says it occupies his time positively and motivates him. This may not always be possible for people to maintain any focus towards when the bare necessities are missing, but hopefully at some point it can also become an area of focus as part of an aspect of general development.

Outside of his training, he dreams about his future life and the potential prospects that may be just around the corner for him and on this international day he personally wanted to convey some sentiments of hope and inspiration to others around the world who may be needing it presently.

Incredibly during Tameru’s focussed periods of instability and challenges he has personally managed to achieve some quite remarkable things, including one of the most unique world records for running fastest whilst balanced on crutches:

And Tameru’s story and strength of spirit as well as his unique abilities have been heard worldwide in a very short space of time:

We hope INTERNATIONAL REFUGEE DAY 2014 and the related activities both online and in locations worldwide puts a positive focus on what everyone can do individually and collectively to make a difference.

In the mean time, this has been Tameru’s personal and completely raw digital message of hope.

by Tamiru Zegeye
posted: Friday, 20th June, 2014

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