Mwibaresha Maona’s Story, Tanzania

Photo by Tom Winston Monboe/2014

Photo by Tom Winston Monboe/2014

My name is Mwibaresha Maona. I am 59 years old, married with six children and four grandchildren. I fled the Congo in 1996. I was forced to flee after the death of my first son and my brother and reports that their killers were also targeting me. I arrived in Kigoma by boat and was transferred to Nyarugusu Refugee Camp.

As a disabled person, I am getting different social services from the Community Base Rehabilitation center. For example I was supported with a walking stick. My family receives food from WFP but it is not enough. My grand-children are getting free education here at the camp, and we have access to clean water. We feel safe because of the security provided by government; more than when we were in Congo.

I am fully supporting my wife after she assumed the responsibility to be household representative number 1. She now represents our household in all meetings. This for me is a positive development.

1 family torn apart by war is too many

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