UNHCR’s Nansen Refugee Award 2014

Recognizing outstanding work on behalf of the world’s
50 million forcibly displaced

The 2014 winner
Buenaventura, Colombia

The 2014 Winner: Butterflies

In a violence-ridden corner of Colombia a group of courageous women are putting their lives at risk helping survivors of displacement and sexual abuse…

Nansen Refugee Award
Once a year, we honour extraordinary service to the forcibly displaced.
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The Award Ceremony

The ceremony featured a keynote speech on video by UNHCR Special Envoy Angelina Jolie and musical performances by Maher Zain, Rokia Traore and Rodrigo y Gabriela…

Do you know an exceptional person or group who has shown outstanding dedication to the forcibly displaced?

Buenaventura – Brutal Realities

Nowhere in the country is the devastation from the ongoing conflict felt as acutely as it is in Buenaventura…

Butterflies – lives at risk, every day

The Butterflies put their lives on the line every day to assist forcibly displaced women and those who have been subject to sexual or physical violence…

Maria: a tight-knit community thanks to Butterflies

Like most of the 120 women working for Butterflies, Maria has lost a loved one in Colombia’s 50-year armed conflict…

Past winners: Nansen projects

The award includes a US$100,000 monetary prize. In close consultation with UNHCR, the Winner uses the monetary prize to fund a project…

Through the Butterflies, Benedicia regained control of her life

When fighting erupted between rival armed groups in her village, Benedicia and her seven young children fled by boat…

UNHCR appreciates the generous support of it's sponsors and partners

Ana meets Sister Angélique Namaika

Ana met Sister Angélique Namaika at the Nansen Refugee Award ceremony 2013 and she was touched by her strength and glowing smile…

Sister Angélique Namaika’s Story, Democratic Republic of the Congo

The 2013 winner of UNHCR’s Nansen Refugee Award tells her story.

Luz: courage through Butterflies

For six years, Luz remained silent for fear of reprisal and the stigma and taboo surrounding rape. But since joining Butterflies, she has found the courage to speak out…

Fridtjof Nansen: Explorer. Statesman. Visionary.

“We must raise our banner in every country and forge the links of brotherhood around the world.”…

@davemorrissey64 Read about the amazing work of Butterflies: putting their own lives at risk to help others

@MaherZain: Goodbye Geneva! Fantastic night . The strength & grace of Butterflies. Astounding!

@rodgab Such a great evening – honoured to have been a part of it!

Butterflies’ travels: Giving and receiving new impetus

After receiving the Nansen Refugee Award, Butterflies shared their experiences in Spain, London and Brussels…

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