Nirmal’s Story, Nepal

Photo by UNHCR/ 2014

Photo by UNHCR/ 2014

I am working as a Field Associate at UNHCR Sub-Office in Damak, eastern Nepal. During the last six years with UNHCR, I have spent most of my time in refugee camps with refugees from Bhutan and every visit to the camps has been a unique experience. At the camps, it is common to confront and deal with dynamic and critical problems of women, children, elderly and others. Every problem solving has been a combined effort, together with active participation of refugees; involving listening, careful analysis and responding appropriately. Refugees have the strength to maintain a well-organized community and respond to common protection concerns through steering volunteerism. I always encouraged this aspect. It is a great pleasure to see refugee volunteers wholeheartedly assisting the community.

Whenever I support and assist those in need it gives great satisfaction that can help me to compromise with the situation of being away from my own family who live in the western part of Nepal. I am self-gratified that my determinations have assisted in bringing changes in the lives of many refugees.

Nirmal Bastola

UNHCR Field Associate, Damak, Nepal

1 family torn apart by war is too many

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