War has forced millions of families to flee their homes

This is the most urgent story of our time

Marie Jones’ Story, Ghana

The moment that she saw the structure, she knelt down in tears, thanking God. It was so moving that all of us present wept with her.

Lejla’s Story, Montenegro

Lejla Emini is from Konik Camp in Montenegro. She discusses the hardest situation she had to face being a refugee…

Taher’s Story, Greece

43-year-old Taher from Afghanistan has not only made Greece his second homeland, he has also dedicated his life to preserving its cultural heritage

My husband never took the status of refugee himself, but in Belgium he helped many Chilean refugees

I am Belgian. I met my future husband in 1975 at the Louvain University. He had to leave Chile because he was not allowed to continue his studies at the university in his country. He was a political activist in favour of Allende.

Nasttho’s Story, Ethiopia

Despite the difficulties of life in a refugee camp, Nasttho has made the most of her new home in Ethiopia. She is grateful to have the opportunity to go to school…

Pavel's Story. Estonia

Pavel's Story. Estonia

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Tibo Rogers, Australia for UNHCR Frontliner and former refugee

Tibo Rogers, Australia for UNHCR Frontliner and former refugee shares his courageous and inspiring story: “I saw things no boy should see…”

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Mohamad’s Story, Bulgaria

Mohamad, a Palestinian refugee fled Syria with his family after their camp was destroyed. He lost his shop and house but he is grateful that they are safe and together in Bulgaria.

Sinikka Stymne’s Story, Sweden

Sinikka was only 8 years-old when she was sent to Sweden in 1944, and separated from parents and grandparents…

Zawbader: A Rohingya woman in Thailand

“We considered the government like our mother and father and expected it to help us, but it didn’t”.

Faysa’s story

A Somali girl is alone in a big city and can’t wait to see her sister in Europe.

Hareda’s Story, Ethiopia

Hareda is determined to provide her children with the opportunity to study because she believes that education is a powerful tool that aids survival and decrease poverty.

Jihan’s Story, Greece

Jihan, her husband and two sons from Syria boarded a boat with 40 others. They hoped the journey would take eight hours. There was no guarantee they would make it alive…

Adam’s Story, Ghana

“We lost many things including our home but I haven’t lost my dream to go back to school to be what I want to be.”

Mwibaresha Maona’s Story, Tanzania

Mwibaresha Maona supports his wife who has taken up the responsibility to be a household representative and attend the meetings at the camp.

Ahmet’s Story, Cyprus

“I will think about my options, but I’m certainly not going at sea again. I left for the future of my kids; I’m not going to die with them in the sea. Life is not over.”

David’s Story: Inspired by the courage of refugees

Sometimes I would feel depressed after listening to women recount horrifying stories about their ordeals…

Naima Abdullahi’s Story, USA

Naima’s uncle was murdered in Ethiopia, her parents fled to Kenya as political refugees…

Hussein’s Story, Greece

Hussein’s uncommon courage and perseverance kept him moving forward and taking enormous risks to reach a better life, he refused to sink.

We want to live equally in society and also, do good things for the country.

I ran away in February 2010. I knew that if I didn’t run, I would be killed. After I ran, the soldiers harassed my family and asked them for my whereabouts. My family also ran away soon after that. I am not angry, but I am just so sad. We deserve human rights.

Living a refugee life is hard. It’s dark with no future, no hope, no dreams and no destiny. But I thank God that he had a plan for me.

He gives me strength to face my daily struggle. And thankfully he brought me here in the land of opportunity to explore the world. I am renewed again.

Andrea Kiel’s Story, Kenya

I turn to see a pair of sad eyes looking up at me through the barbed wire fence. In that moment, I feel like I’ve learned the true meaning of complete heartbreak…

Fatma’s story, Slovenia

A Somali family could meet again after 3 long years of separation.

Csaba Lukács, Journalist

Soon-Sil Lee fled from North Korea after having served in the army of Kim Jong-Il. She went through indescribable horror.

Hanna and Yauhen’s Story, Czech Republic

This young couple participated in demonstrations against Belarus president Alexander Lukashenko. Soon after they didn’t fell safe anymore.

Gogo Hukportie's story, Uganda

Gogo Hukportie's story, Uganda

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Sam’s Story, Greece

“I wish that all could understand this: we are forced to flee our homes, we’re not coming here to cause trouble. I wish they could understand we’re all human beings, living under the same sky”

William Ngonga Kasoka: A former Angolan refugee in Zambia

  “I fled Angola’s Moxico province to Zambia with my parents, brothers and sisters in 1966 when I was only eight years old. We were some of the first people to open this refugee settlement, which was officially opened by the government of Zambia in 1966. I have lived almost my entire life in Zambia […]

Anthony’s Story, Uganda

Anthony encourages other refugees that it is possible to achieve their dreams and live a prosperous life even though they are refugees.

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