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War has forced millions of families to flee their homes

This is the most urgent story of our time

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Mildred Ouma’s Story, South Sudan

Mildred has witnessed unimaginable suffering since South Sudan’s war spread to that part of the country…

Lia’s Story, Georgia

Lia Kekelia lives in a centre in Georgia where the conditions are horrific, disease is rampant, sewerage seeps through the walls, it is a cold and dingy; all she longs for is to be relocated.

Mubarak’s Story, Sudan

“I am convinced I will expand my business and make it bigger and better, so it is fully equipped with various mobile phones. This is just the beginning!”

Carolina’s and Saluka’s Story, Brazil

“Today we feel good here. Brazil will be our new home.” Even though Carolina misses her parents, sisters and nephews, who are still in Syria, she remains optimist about the future.

We are like caged chickens.

We can’t even move within our country, from city to city. We are like caged chickens. So if someone says, “Who are the Rohingyas?” I say that we are like these chickens who can’t move and wait to be killed.

Suzan’s Story, Iraq

Susan, a Syrian refugee, is a Community Hygiene Promoter in the camp in Iraq. She met her fiance through her job and today they are getting married.

Farzaneh Naghash’s Story, Sweden

Farzaneh’s treacherous journey has led her from Turkish prisons to seeking refuge in German basements, all to reach the safety of Sweden…

1 family torn apart by war is too many

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