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War has forced millions of families to flee their homes

This is the most urgent story of our time

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Maria: a tight-knit community thanks to Butterflies

Like most of the 120 women working for Butterflies, Maria has lost a loved one in Colombia’s 50-year armed conflict…

Baudouin Yengo’s Story, Democratic Republic of Congo

Baudouin appreciates the opportunity to further his schooling as one day he would like to be a nurse so he can help those who suffer.

In Myanmar, it was as if we were underwater, we couldn’t breathe.

We just had to leave. In the morning, we were alive but there was no certainty in the evening. I feel heartbroken because they destroyed our masjid, our young children, our houses, our properties. It was very painful, very painful. I didn’t want to stay there anymore.

Achilleas Zavallis, Photographer

Cyprian photographer Achilleas Zavallis met Syrian Abo Akram and his family after their house was destroyed; they are supported just by the kindness of people…

Kat Graham tells Ibrahim's story

Kat Graham tells Ibrahim's story

  Length: 3:11 Views: 788

Julie’s Story, Central African Republic

“Now, having found a new home, I don’t have any feeling of revenge towards my aggressors. Revenge is like a vicious circle that inhibits peace.”

Sebastian Rich, Photographer

Photographer Sebastian Rich reflects on his craft, and is glad to realize there are good people that do succeed in bringing happiness and a safe haven to refugees…

1 family torn apart by war is too many

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