Sergio Aguayo’s Story from Puerto Rico

Sergio Aguayo

Photo by Sergio Aguayo/2014.

Sergio Aguayo, political analyst and researcher, was displaced from his hometown in Guadalajara, Mexico, due to violence and threats to his life. He has dedicated his career to “understand change”. In the below video he tells us about an incident he witnessed:

“I remember an incident in Puerto Rico when a massive influx of Guatemalan refugees arrived, chased by the Kaibiles. It was in the middle of La Candona forest. Suddenly they start screaming : “The Kaibiles are coming!”. All of us, who were present there offered to wash with detergent and water the open bullet wounds of those who had been shot. There was nothing else we could do but to wash them. The stoicism of those people, even of those who died in front of us was extraordinary.”



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