War has forced millions of families to flee their homes

This is the most urgent story of our time

Alek Wek tells Naomi’s Story

Supermodel Alek Wek meets Naomi, a grandmother who lost three sons in the conflict…

Alek Wek’s hope for her country

Supermodel Alek Wek was comforted by the strong stories of resilience, believing anything is possible…

Alek Wek’s Story, Model and Designer

Alek Wek fled her country when she was five; the Sudanese supermodel tells her story…

Alek Wek meets Sudanese refugee children

Supermodel Alek Wek meets refugee children and is reminded how important education is…

Alek Wek meets Sudanese returnees

Supermodel and former refugeeAlek Wek was inspired by returnees’ determination; there was still so much hope and pride…

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Finding way from Gaza to Norway

I couldn’t bear the thought of losing my daughter. I had to flee alone with my two kids…

FC Bayern Munich women’s team plays with Syrian refugee girls

The women’s team of FC Bayern Munich visited the Zaatari refugee camp where the players held a training session with 50 Syrian refugee girls.

Life has been difficult for me, but my experiences have made me stronger. Being young and a woman, it isn’t easy to find your place in a new community.

But I’ve learned to be proud to be Eritrean. Until you are aware of it, you don’t realize how important it is to belong to something

Carlos Loret de Mola's Story

Carlos Loret de Mola's Story

  Length: 1:16 Views: 2

Sister Angélique Namaika’s Story, Democratic Republic of the Congo

The 2013 winner of UNHCR’s Nansen Refugee Award tells her story.

Barry’s Story: A transgender man from Burundi

“Everyone who has found out that I am gay has tried to kill me”

Mohamed’s Story, Nigeria

Mohamed endured a grueling 5 months in prison, eventually he was freed and he fled the country to find work to support his family.

@rodgab Such a great evening – honoured to have been a part of it!

Andrea’s Story, Ecuador

When I met them, I realized that dreams do come true when you fight and persevere…

1 family torn apart by war is too many

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