War has forced millions of families to flee their homes

This is the most urgent story of our time

Alek Wek’s Story, Model and Designer

Alek Wek fled her country when she was five; the Sudanese supermodel tells her story…

Alek Wek meets Sudanese returnees

Supermodel and former refugeeAlek Wek was inspired by returnees’ determination; there was still so much hope and pride…

Alek Wek meets Sudanese refugee children

Supermodel Alek Wek meets refugee children and is reminded how important education is…

Alek Wek tells Naomi’s Story

Supermodel Alek Wek meets Naomi, a grandmother who lost three sons in the conflict…

Alek Wek’s hope for her country

Supermodel Alek Wek was comforted by the strong stories of resilience, believing anything is possible…

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Tibo Rogers, Australia for UNHCR Frontliner and former refugee

Tibo Rogers, Australia for UNHCR Frontliner and former refugee shares his courageous and inspiring story: “I saw things no boy should see…”

Carol’s Story, Central African Republic

Carol believes the only way sustainable peace can be reached is if all parties involved admit their wrong-doings and reconcile their differences.

Shamim’s Story, Kenya

Being a woman in this job is not easy. People often ask me: “You are 25 years old. Why are you not married?”…

Nyagua’s Story, Ethiopia

Nyagua family’s testimony of uncommon courage and perseverance despite all the difficulties reveals the importance of sticking together as a family.

Asadullah’s story, Slovakia

Asadullah’s family found refuge in a new country. He has just finished a cooking course and hopes to find a job soon.

Themis: The Rwandan Refugee

“It was like hell, blood everywhere”. A personal account of the Rwandan genocide.

1 family torn apart by war is too many

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