War has forced millions of families to flee their homes

This is the most urgent story of our time

Neil Gaiman talks about Syrian refugees

Best-selling author and UNHCR High Profile Supporter, Neil Gaiman, has just returned from Jordan seeing UNHCR’s frontline work with Syrian refugees.

Neil Gaiman meets Ayman

Neil Gaiman meets Ayman

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Neil Gaiman’s experience with Syrian refugees

Best selling author and UNHCR High Profile Supporter, Neil Gaiman recently returned from Jordan seeing UNHCR’s frontline work for Syrian refugees…

Neil Gaiman tells Ayman’s Story

Best selling author and UNHCR High Profile Supporter, Neil Gaiman, spent time with the amazing Ayman in Zaa’tari camp in Jordan.

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Neil Gaiman meets a newly arrived Syrian refugee family

Together with UNHCR, best-selling author, Neil Gaiman and co-founder and designer of Marchesa, Georgina Chapman…

Frédéric Noy, Photographer

“This picture is not about failure but represents the will to live,” says Frédéric, who met this child in Cameroon.

Bushra’s Story, Yemen

Life as a refugee was already tough for Bushra – but an accident when she was still an infant has meant that she is handicapped. But nothing seems to stop Bushra…

Past winners: Nansen projects

The award includes a US$100,000 monetary prize. In close consultation with UNHCR, the Winner uses the monetary prize to fund a project…

Tan Szee Ling, Volunteer

By understanding what happened to their families and how they were forced to flee from their home country, I strongly felt that we should lend a hand whenever we can.

Taher’s Story, Greece

43-year-old Taher from Afghanistan has not only made Greece his second homeland, he has also dedicated his life to preserving its cultural heritage

Anthony’s Story, Uganda

Anthony encourages other refugees that it is possible to achieve their dreams and live a prosperous life even though they are refugees.

Ted Adnan, Photographer

I had met Bosnian refugees in Malaysia years ago when I was working at a university in the 1990s, and they were very much welcomed by the Malaysian Government and given assistance. Years later, I met a boy who told me he was from Myanmar, begging for money at a café where I was eating.

Doi Ling’s Story, Myanmar

Doi is a mother of five and has been living in a camp for Internally displaced people for the past two years…

1 family torn apart by war is too many

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