War has forced millions of families to flee their homes

This is the most urgent story of our time

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Neil Gaiman meets Ayman

Neil Gaiman meets Ayman

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Neil Gaiman’s experience with Syrian refugees

Best selling author and UNHCR High Profile Supporter, Neil Gaiman recently returned from Jordan seeing UNHCR’s frontline work for Syrian refugees…

Neil Gaiman talks about Syrian refugees

Best-selling author and UNHCR High Profile Supporter, Neil Gaiman, has just returned from Jordan seeing UNHCR’s frontline work with Syrian refugees.

Neil Gaiman tells Ayman’s Story

Best selling author and UNHCR High Profile Supporter, Neil Gaiman, spent time with the amazing Ayman in Zaa’tari camp in Jordan.

Neil Gaiman meets a newly arrived Syrian refugee family

Together with UNHCR, best-selling author, Neil Gaiman and co-founder and designer of Marchesa, Georgina Chapman…

Keiko’s Story, Uganda

Whether you are a refugee or a humanitarian worker, home is a place where you can seek safety, comfort, love and support…

Misha Hussain, Journalist

West and Central Africa Correspondent for the Thomson Reuters Foundation tells how the sound of a girl’s choir carries hope…

Rebecca’s Story, Ghana

He broke down when telling that, during the flight, he lost his wife and newborn baby. That evening, 54 people arrived – all with a different story to tell…

Zanyar Adami, Journalist & Movie Director

I was born during the war between Iran and Iraq in a remote small Kurdish village. My mother was a guerrilla soldier and had to give birth to me in secret…

Fatouma’s Story, Niger

Fatouma left her village in Nigeria because of the general insecurity. She and her family took a week to reach Diffa region in Niger.

Krassi Yankov, Journalist

Maher had a pretty good life in Syria – loving wife, kids, a steady job – but war changed all that. After Egypt and Libya, he ended up in Bulgaria without his family…

Jamal’s Story, Greece

Jamal and Amira’s story emphasizes the difficulties of being in love and having to be separated just because they were born in the wrong place…

1 family torn apart by war is too many

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